Regional Goals

REGIONAL GOALS – The Pottstown Metropolitan Region is positioned directly in the path of growth as new development continues to expand outward from Philadelphia and its suburbs.  The Region’s communities recognize that they are at a crossroads for directing growth and must work together to plan their future. Especially important for the Region is directing growth into the Region’s older communities and designated growth areas, particularly the Borough of Pottstown, in order to revitalize these older places, maximize the costly public infrastructure, and preserve the Region’s rural areas.
Through multi-municipal planning and implementation of the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Comprehensive Plan, the Region’s municipalities intend to achieve the following general goals.


  • Protect the unique historical, cultural, and natural resources of the Region. 
  • Promote the economic vitality and quality of life of the Region’s existing communities.
  • Implement growth management techniques to provide for orderly and well-planned new development.
  • Preserve open space and agriculture. 
  • Develop transportation choices for better mobility in and through the Region. 
  • Encourage walkable communities with a mix of uses and a range of housing options where appropriate. 
  • Promote new economic opportunities and jobs. 
  • Maintain and improve recreation options. 
  • Address the specific needs and unique conditions of each municipality.



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