Metropolitan Regional Planning Committee Members
The Committee is comprised of two representatives from each municipality. One member from each municipality is required to be a member of the governing body, and the other may either be from the governing body, planning commission, or citizen from the municipality.

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Douglass Township
Edward O. Reitz, Jr.
Pete Hiryak
Anthony Kuklinski

East Coventry Township
Michael Albert Moyer, Chair
N. Lance Parson
Walt Woessner

Lower Pottsgrove Township
Thomas Troutman
Ray Lopez

New Hanover Township
Kurt Zebrowski, Vice Chair
Philip Agliano

North Coventry Township
James T. Marks III
Bill Soumis

Pottstown Borough
Ryan Procsal, Treasurer
Dan Weand

Upper Pottsgrove Township
Elwood Taylor
Greg Churach

West Pottsgrove Township
Dominick Gentile